One woman’s testimony of Christ stops angry crowd of Muslims and Hindus

By June 6, 2018

Bangladesh (MNN) — In Bangladesh, an FMI partner named Pastor Paul had traveled to a new village near the Indian border to share the Gospel. However, a crowd, made up of local Muslims and Hindus, wanted to know why there was a vibrant Christian church growing in their community. They accused him of bribing people to convert to Christianity.

A Powerful Testimony

And the attack on this man would’ve continued if it hadn’t been for one Christian woman who gave her testimony.

“She said, ‘I invited Pastor Paul to come. I know there are people who want to know the truth about God. I want them to experience the forgiveness that I have found in Jesus Christ,’” FMI’s Bruce Allen says.

“’I want my family, my friends, my neighbors to have the power for daily living that Jesus provides through His Holy Spirit. The transformation of life.’”


A rural church in Bangladesh. (Photo courtesy of FMI)

The woman’s words stumped the crowd.

“This woman was coming to Pastor Paul’s defense and saying he came at my invitation. It wasn’t that he was trying to manipulate us, or bribe us, it was that we begged him to come. And so, this was truly a grassroots movement from within their own community,” Allen explains.

This woman’s story causes Allen to wonder, how many more Christians are yearning for a teacher across Bangladesh?  FMI wants to help propel evangelists and church planters into the various rural areas and villages of Bangladesh to answer this need. It’s the concept of a good Shephard leaving the 99 sheep to go after the one that is lost.

“They are there, they’re crying and saying ‘Please feed us, please take care of us.’ And so FMI would love to be able to support more church planters in these hard-to-reach, creative access places,” Allen says.

Need for Workers

However, the search for men qualified to be church planters starts with finding those who’ve had theological training. FMI wants to provide scholarships for men who are willing to become church planters, but need theological training. Through networking with the seminaries and Bible institutes in Bangladesh, FMI hopes to get these men the education they need for ministry work.

Rural Pastor in Bangladesh. (Photo courtesy of FMI for MNN use)

Once these same men are trained, doors can be opened for FMI to support them as pastors and church planters. However, to do this FMI needs Christians who are willing to come alongside these church planters by financially partnering with FMI.

“We’re a bridge helping two people on different sides of the pond, so to speak, develop vibrant partnerships,” Allen shares.

Another way to support these pastors and church planters is through prayer. Pray for FMI to connect with those individuals who are qualified to be church planters through FMI. Ask God to raise up and send out laborers of the Gospel in Bangladesh. And finally, pray for the Christians in Bangladesh to be encouraged, be strong in faith, and have perseverance.

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