OneHope aims to transform community in Honduras

By April 9, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — While physical needs are obvious in San Jeronimo, Honduras, spiritual needs are harder to detect. OneHope recently visited this community to assess crucial needs and develop a plan based on that information.

After thorough research, the team created a ministry plan for San
Jeronimo for the next 18-24 months; both physical and spiritual needs
were identified. Part of the prayer initiative involves immersing the
community's youth in God's Word.

"There's a great war going on spiritually for the children and youth of that community," said Paul Walker with OneHope.

Drug and alcohol abuse is common. By structuring the kids' free time, OneHope plans to work with the local church to help stop widespread problems. The group plans to wage spiritual warfare through parenting classes, as well as Scripture initiatives.

"Spiritually, that's one thing we're going to be praying for: that God would raise up these parents," Walker said. "We're also going to be offering some parenting classes through the local church."

"As a ministry, we're all about Scripture to children and youth," stated Walker. "Part of what we are going to measure is Scripture engagement for the children of that community."

OneHope addresses economic needs as well as spiritual. Walker says OneHope plans to work with local leaders to create a community "free market" that would allow villagers to sell their products locally.

"People can bring in their goods and services and trade them right there at the city center, rather than traveling an hour and a half like they used to do."

Positive transformation is a driving force behind OneHope's work in San Jeronimo, Walker adds.

"When we leave that place," he said, "spiritually, how has that place changed for the better? How has that place changed more into the image of Christ?"

Pray that God will use OneHope to bring transformation to San Jeronimo.



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