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Published on 21 May, 2010

OneHope uses short film to reach Latin Americans

Latin America (MNN) — OneHope is using the award winning short film En Tus Manos, or "In Your Hands" in English, to do ministry in Latin America in a culturally relevant way.

The film, which won awards for Best Actor and Best Short Film at the Beverly Hills Film Festival, tells the story of a young man dealing with an abusive father, surrounded by escalating violence in Bogota, Colombia. OneHope, who co-financed the film, said the film is based on a collection of true stories from their ministry experience.

"By addressing the serious cultural challenges facing young people in Latin America with an authentic, powerful film about moral courage, we hope to impress on young people that their worth is not dependent on what others think of them, but on the truth that God loves them," said Bob Hoskins, founder of OneHope, on their Web site.

OneHope plans to partner with and show the film in schools, prisons, churches and other non-governmental organizations across Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and Peru, as well as give out their Book of Hope as they traditionally do.

The film will fight issues like gang violence, while sharing the message of the Bible with youth and being sensitive to their specific cultural needs.

Since 1987, OneHope has reached out to some 600 million youth across 125 countries. You can join OneHope on their journey as they impact even more individuals by visiting their Web site,

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