Ongoing energy crisis in Lebanon worsens winter woes

By March 2, 2022

Lebanon (MNN) — Jordan will begin exporting electricity to Lebanon this month. It’s part of an energy deal brokered in 2021 between Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Here’s why Lebanon needs so much help.

Nuna of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon says her country’s ongoing energy crisis becomes unbearable during the winter months. Millions of refugees and the poorest Lebanese live in makeshift shelters.

“It’s really hard. The snow is piling up; the roof of the tent is made of cardboard,” Nuna says.

“After a while, the roof collapses; people had all their clothes, mattresses, blankets – everything is wet.”

Triumphant Mercy provides tarps, extra blankets, and fuel for cooking or to heat the home. “We print a coupon, and the people with this coupon can just go and get fuel,” Nuna explains.

But helping in the name of Jesus isn’t always easy. “Fuel is not available. So, by the time we found a station and start to give coupons to people, then they call us and say they’re not delivering the fuel,” Nuna says.

“We’re trying to do what we can, as much as we can, but it’s difficult. The government is not doing anything; it’s not even lowering the price of fuel.”

Kids having fun at one of Triumphant Mercy’s care centers.
(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy Lebanon)

Believers won’t let the challenges stop them. Aid deliveries lead to conversations about Christ’s love and the Gospel message.

“We’re telling them (the people we help), ‘God has not forgotten you; He is near you, and He loves you. God is sending help,’” Nuna says.

“We’re here because some people are helping us to help you. People are sending funds so that we can buy fuel for you.”

Partner with Triumphant Mercy Lebanon here to provide tangible help and Gospel hope.

“[Givers] don’t have to think large; even if it’s very small, we can think of something. Think about providing maybe one gallon of fuel for one family,” Nuna suggests.

“We still have six- to eight weeks ahead of us with winter. They (vulnerable groups) would do anything to get warm, [and solutions are] not available. Even the hot water bottle is expensive, so people cannot afford that.”



The header image shows makeshift refugee shelters collapsing under the weight of snow. (Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

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