Ongoing pandemic challenges make media ministry more important than ever

By July 6, 2021

International (MNN) — Although 2020 is over, much of the uncertainty, challenges, and hardships it brought are not. The road to recovery is sure to bring its own set of difficulties.

In the face of this hardship, International Media Ministries (IMM) looks to provide hope.

The Object of Our Hope

IMM Executive Director Denise Godwin says that especially in the world we live in today, we need to be cognizant of where we put our hope.

“We live in a broken world, and we have the media all around the world telling us about the instability in other places. In some ways, we should expect instability more than stability,” she says.

“As Christians, this world is not where our hope is. That’s so important to recognize. Hope is something internal that we need to grasp onto and make a firm foundation in Jesus Christ.”

The pandemic and its effects have forced many people to realize that their hope was misplaced. This, combined with quarantines and isolation, is why IMM’s historical docudramas and other resources are able to reach the hearts of many.

“Christians all through history have been standing up in hard and difficult times, saying, ‘Jesus Christ is my hope.’ Being able to take those stories and explain them in their original cultures or into new places where persecution is happening is so important,” Godwin says.

(Photo courtesy of International Media Ministries)

“More people are searching than ever before. This unstable world has driven people to search for hope. They don’t always know they’re searching for Jesus Christ, but they are searching. We want to be there when they search to [offer] eternal hope, not just a temporary fix for the instability of life.”

How to Help

Godwin says there are several ways you can support IMM’s ministry.

“International Media Ministries is always looking for more people to be part of our team and help us in a variety of ways. We need prayer for God’s protection and anointing,” she says.

“Right now is really crucial for media and supporting media projects that can go anywhere. We can’t get on an airplane and fly anywhere, but media projects can go anywhere. If you can financially support getting a story of the hope of Jesus Christ into Iran or North Africa, we invite you to [partner] with us,” Godwin continues.

“It’s a terribly crucial time to make sure media with an eternal message is available when someone starts searching.”

To learn more about IMM and how you can support their ministry, visit their website here.



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