Online directory connects the Deaf with accessible churches

By April 12, 2017

USA (MNN) — The process of choosing a church to attend can be difficult. But for Deaf Christians, finding a church can be downright overwhelming.

Just ask Jason Suhr, a Deaf believer and the National Engagement Coordinator for Deaf Bible Society. “From my personal experience, I was born into and I grew up with a Deaf family. So from the time I can remember, we always attended Deaf churches. But when I moved out of state to go to college, I didn’t know where I could find a Deaf church, or a ministry that was available to me as a Deaf person, which was frustrating. I know that my experience was like that of many Deaf people all over the country.”

(Photo courtesy of Deaf Bible Society)

That’s why Deaf Bible Society came up with the idea to create a directory of churches and ministries with various levels of Deaf accessibility.

Suhr explains, “There was one out there, but it was really out dated. So we decided it was time to offer something that was updated annually with new and current information — a database that people could look to and find a church to attend. [And] not only a church to attend, [but] information on if this church offers a service led by the Deaf, or if it is going to be interpreted and things like that. It was really important for us to know that the information we offer is current.”

So Deaf Bible Society created Deaf Church Where, an online directory of churches and ministries with Deaf accessible services in the United States. Suhr says all the churches and ministries are placed in four searchable categories.

  • Accessible Deaf Church – “…meaning you can request an interpreter.”
  • Integrated Deaf Church – “…where a church has weekly interpreted services.”
  • Supported Deaf Church – “…where a Deaf and Hearing church are partners, but have a separate service for the Deaf led in Sign Language.”
  • Independent Deaf Church – “…a church that primarily serves the Deaf community where all ministries and services are lead in sign language.”

(Image courtesy of Deaf Bible Society via Facebook)

He adds, “Since we are constantly updating the directory, we are excited to add information when a new Deaf church or ministry becomes available. So I would encourage you, if you have a Deaf church or ministry, check to see if you are listed at Deaf Church Where. If not, reach out to us! We love to feature when there is an opportunity for the Deaf community to connect to a church.

“If you would like to add your Deaf church or ministry information, feel free to contact us by calling 1-800-654-3690. Or, for all you Deaf folks, you can call our video phone at 505-273-3507.”


  • Roberta says:

    I can see that this is a wonderful and much needed resource. I am not deaf, nor do I know any people who are, but I have put Deaf Bible Society on my daily prayer list and will ask others to pray.

  • Steph says:

    I’m going to share this on my social media channels so that friends of friends of friends of…well, you get the point…will share as well to help inform others that this Deaf Church Where resource exists! Great work Deaf Bible Society!

  • Marion says:

    Excuse me… I just wondering this website and is that for looking and find deaf church location in whatever towns of USA? Will that be work or not? Or just for information about learning by God’s words to etc. I hope they can give us to look for Deaf Churches in USA on this website. Let me know. Thank you God bless you all.

  • Congrats !! I have to laugh because wayyy back when in the dark ages before the Internet I loudly proclaimed that ” we are only doing this until we find the ministry that I KNOW is doing a comprehensive list of Deaf Ministries” Hey you are now it !!!! But seriously glad to see you are doing this. You definitely have my blessing. I will be posting this on our facebook page as well as our website.

  • I think you have a wonderful idea and it would be great if you could connect with the Wilbers who have an extensive data base. The more information thst can be gathered the better. Also, connecting with Deaf Missions and some of these other worldwide organizations who have established ministries in many different countries would be extremely beneficial. God bless you in your efforts. Please include our ministry. Chapel of Change, Paramount, CA.


  • Josh Brown says:

    Our church has added ASL Interpretive services to our worship services.

    Sunday at 10:15 am
    (972) 784-7333

    193 FM 547
    Farmersville, TX 75442

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