Online Gospel ministry in Myanmar producing new believers

By October 8, 2020
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Myanmar (MNN) — The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a Global Disciples ministry team in Myanmar to get creative with their Gospel outreach – and they are seeing the Holy Spirit move.

Buddhism is the majority religion in Myanmar and religious extremists want to keep it that way. Only six percent of the population follows Jesus.

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(Photo courtesy of Global Disciples)

Global Disciples’ Barbara Gerhart says one of their programs in Myanmar was finishing another round of discipleship training when the coronavirus started making headlines. This drastically changed their ministry plans.

“Usually for outreach, the team would go out to a community,” Gerhart says. “They would [go] door-to-door [and] they would strike up conversations in the marketplace. But this group realized they weren’t going to be able to do that.”

The discipleship team of mostly young people decided if they can’t share their faith in-person, they were going to take their outreach to the internet. They started talking about Jesus and the Gospel via social media and other online outlets.

“Out of this social media-based outreach, four small fellowships have been started. About ten new believers have been joining other fellowships and have been able to connect. They’ve had several new believers and three baptisms just within the last few weeks.”

Gerhart says the team director calls this new strategy a “personal missions movement.”

Please pray for more people in Myanmar to be curious about Christianity and ultimately meet Jesus. Ask the Lord to bless this new online outreach through Global Disciples and to refresh the discipleship team members’ spirits.

(Photo courtesy of Pexels)

Gerhart says, “We’re seeing God continue to open doors and give His people really creative thoughts as to how we can continue to share the Gospel in these difficult times despite restrictions and limitations. God is pretty creative and His people follow suit.”

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Header photo courtesy of John Schnobrich via Unsplash.