Online training helps persecuted Christians in Algeria

By January 12, 2023

Algeria (MNN) — Believers in Algeria need your help. Government persecution is forcing the Church underground.

Meeting online is viable, but managing the process isn’t always easy. Plus, there’s the discipleship component, which can be difficult for young Christians.

“Revival [happened] in Algeria in the ‘90s,” Fadi Sharaiha with MENA Leadership Center explains.

“These are new believers; they need some support and help. Mature Christian leaders left the country.”

MLC’s online training format is ideally suited for church leaders in Algeria. More about that here.

“We have so many brothers and sisters from Algeria joining our courses. ‘How to do digital church’ is one example [of the courses they are joining]. Another example: ‘How to do cybersecurity for online services and ministry,’” Sharaiha says.

Learn how to support church leaders through MLC here. Most importantly, pray. Pray that persecuted Christians in Algeria will know they are not alone.

“Please pray for them as they go through the persecution, that they would not leave the faith [and] stay strong and rooted in Christ,” Sharaiha requests.

“What is happening in Algeria [is] what happened to the first Church in Acts. They (persecutors) are closing down the buildings, but the Church is a group of people who believe in Jesus Christ, and they can meet wherever.”




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