Only Jesus offers freedom from fear

By December 30, 2022

USA (MNN) — Troublesome times come to everyone, in various shapes and forms. Set Free Ministries’ Dean Vander Mey says emotional responses to problems obscure God’s truth.

“We have a little saying here at Set Free: ‘do you want to live with your emotional compass to direct you, or with your truth compass?’” Vander Mey says.

Fear and shame make powerful captors, he adds.

“When we’re filled with fear, we often make wrong conclusions, and we make bad choices that lead us farther away from God.”

Scripture is full of examples. “Think of Peter when he denied Christ three times – out of fear. How was he feeling?” Vander Mey asks.

What did Judas do when he realized he had sold Jesus for 30 shekels of silver? He threw the silver away, and he hung himself. Who do you think was involved in that? Satan, right? ‘Just go kill yourself. You can’t be forgiven of this,’” he continues.

(Photo courtesy of Jon Tyson/Unsplash)

“Don’t think Peter wasn’t buffeted with the same thoughts: ‘You’re no good. God doesn’t love you. You can’t be used anymore.’ None of that was true. But that’s how he felt based on fear and [shame].”

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“We believe lots of lies about God, self, and others,” Vander Mey says.

“When we learn the truth, that’ll set us free. And the Holy Spirit can empower us, and we hang on to faith instead of fear.”




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