Open air evangelists in Nigeria survive an unprovoked attack.

By December 14, 2004

Nigeria (MNN)–In the wake of an attack on a team of evangelists in Nigeria, Jigawa government officials sent police to the capital city to quell an outbreak of sectarian violence.

According to Compass Direct news, 10 Muslim militants are in custody in the wake of a violent attack in Dutse, the capital of the state of Jigawa in northern Nigeria..
10 heavily armed militants attacked the ‘New Life For All’ evangelistic team and members of the public during an open air preaching event in late November.

Fighting then apparently broke out between the militants and moderate Muslim bystanders who voiced their disapproval of the militants’ attack on the Christians and the fundamentalist beliefs that provoked it.

The militants’ aggressive action against the Gospel team provoked a violent clash that left two dead and nearly two dozen injured.

New Life For All is an interdenominational gospel ministry launched in 1969 as a united effort of evangelical churches in northern Nigeria to preach the Christian Gospel in the area.

Pray for those involved in ministry, and for the safety of those responding to the Gospel.

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