Open Doors mobile clinics impact northern Iraq

By October 5, 2009

Iraq (MNN) — In northern Iraq, thousands of Christian
refugees and Kurdish people lack access to medical care. Many live in poverty, and
their health is poor. Open Doors USA recently launched a mobile medical clinic
in response to this great need.

"On a recent trip with our mobile clinic…we brought
medical health care, and we had a great time," said Ronny, Open Doors'
medical co-worker in the region. "We examine patients and give them
medicines." He adds, "It is heartwarming to see the response of the people
after they have a proper exam and are given medicine."

The team starts each day with prayer, asking for God's wisdom
and protection. Along with medical care, doctors and nurses bring spiritual healing
to patients.

"We always have Bibles to hand out to the
patients," Ronny says. "The people love the Bibles and often start
reading them immediately."

You can pray for God to give the medical staff wisdom as they
minister physical and spiritual healing in northern Iraq. Open Doors also
offers basic care, food and trauma counseling in this region.

If you'd like to support the ministry of Open Doors in
northern Iraq, click here

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