Open Doors provides relief in Nigeria

By March 19, 2010

Nigeria (MNN) — Nigeria's acting
president's decision to dissolve the government comes at a tense time following
deadly Muslim-Christian violence in Jos. Even as he tries to bring new order, some people can't wait.  

The region was hit by another
wave of violence on Wednesday, resulting in 20 more deaths. That's on top of an estimated 500 Christians
in the Nigerian village of Dogo Nahawa who were killed by machete-wielding
Muslims. Most of the victims were women
and children.

Carl Moeller with Open Doors
says, "Our relief projects are to cover three basic areas: First is immediate survival. Second, we need
to get some of these people into safe houses. And then finally, since many of
the children have been orphaned, we're providing orphan care and spiritual
support and education."

Many surviving Christians are
still shell-shocked. The danger comes when grief turns to anger. "Our biggest prayer request right now is
that Christians would be filled with the spirit of Christ and would be an
example of forgiveness and not engage with retribution killing."

The church
in Nigeria is on the cusp of a spiritual battle. In an interview Open Doors
released with their Africa Director, he says, "We
need to understand that those Christians in northern Nigeria face
discrimination, humiliation and attacks on almost a daily basis. They have
built and rebuilt homes and churches so many times. They have gone to morgues
to look for the bodies of their loved ones so often."

Tension multiplies as the Open Doors
coordinator testifies that the youth of Dogo Nahawa are livid over the attack. Their director noted that, "When a pastor
encouraged them to forgive, they were extremely offended. This is not to be
commended, but it has to be understood."

Along with their physical
presence, their team brings spiritual and emotional assistance. As they bring that support, Moeller says it's
the Gospel speaking. "We're trying to involve not only material resources,
but also the spiritual and encouraging resources to let these Christians know
that they're not forgotten."

They can't move forward without
the funds in place. Click here if you can help.

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