Operation Mobilization to Launch Hope

By February 12, 2007

International (MNN) — Hope will be voyaging soon. Logos Hope, that is. Operation Mobilization is ready to put the finishing touches on the ship that is three times larger than the ship it will replace.  This milestone creates a fleet of three ministry vessels.

Logos Hope will replace Logos II with a commissioning service September 22, 2007.  After three years of work and a year's worth of delays the end of the project is finally in view. At that time all the people who have been a part of the process are invited to celebrate in Bremen, Germany.

OM Ships International is an organization that does port visits around the world to share God's love to 1.5 million people each year through literature, programs, and relief work.  Their multi-cultural crews are from over 50 countries and many different
churches.  Because of this, even closed countries are miraculously welcoming.

Their desire is that every person is helped one step closer to a personal relationship with Jesus.  Once Logos Hope is operating, the thousands of people that walk up the gangway each
day will have a more interactive experience. There will be a large ministry deck where people will be able to interact with the crew, purchase Christian literature and Bibles, and have coffee.  A conference room will be showing the JESUS film and two other meeting rooms will be available for presentations about the Gospel.

Logos Hope has 500 beds that will make room for 400 crew and staff members and 100 visitors.  Visitors filling those remaining 100 beds will be OM's partners, mission crews who are working alongside OM, parents, and pastors who are volunteering for shorter periods of time.

There are currently 70 volunteers working on the ship in Trogrir, Croatia at any given time.  When the ship arrives in Bremen, Germany sometime in May, it will be equipped for volunteers who meet it there.  "That's the moment when we want to see an army of people come and join us over the summer into August/September to finish the project," said President of OM Ships International, Hans VanBaaren.  At that time, finishing painting, laying carpet, cleaning and decorating will be the objective.

 OM Ships international is looking to recruit 300 people into their ministry for one or
two years of service on the ships.  "We pray, and they can pray with us, and even search their own heart.  If they're ready for a challenging time- step out, test their faith, learn about different cultures, be trained and equipped in doing evangelism, join the ships and have the time of their life."

 "Without people they are just buckets of rust I sometimes say," said VanBaaren.  Teams are needed in Bremen in May to complete all the work there is to do.  Those interested in volunteering can visit OM Ships International's website.  Please pray that the God will send forth workers to fill the positions that are open in this growing ministry.

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