Opportunities for Gospel outreach in Muslim areas

By March 27, 2019

International (MNN) — Doors of opportunity are opening for World Missionary Press (WMP) to send Scripture booklets into Muslim-majority areas. In the past, it hasn’t been safe to send booklets to contacts for distribution among the people.

However, contacts in Kazakhstan, Northern Nigeria, Senegal, and other areas are now giving WMP the green light to send in Scripture literature.

“[Contacts are] seeing opportunities for people to receive the literature, and we hear from people all over the world that Muslims are responding to the Gospel,” WMP’s Helen Williams says.

“There’s an openness and a hunger… that these people feel is open and the opportunity is there. The Spirit seems to be drawing people that are living under Islam.”

Opportunities in Kazakhstan

WMP recently received a request from a sister ministry in Kazakhstan for scripture booklets. They sent their contact several copies of their Russian booklets, and he took them to the government office and received approval for shipments.

“Now, they’re in the process of getting the needed licensing for importation, and we’re in the process of getting Russian material ready to send to him.”

Williams says this will be WMP’s first large shipment of booklets to Kazakhstan ever, which stirs excitement and the need for prayer.

WMP hopes to have this first shipment into Kazakhstan sent before the end of Summer 2019.

However, Williams says the ministry knows that they have to be careful in the area and must follow as the Lord leads so that even when the shipment arrives, the receiving and distribution of literature will proceed smoothly.

Contacts in Kazakhstan are assembling teams to distribute the literature once it is received, and Williams says she believes these scripture booklets will make an impact.

“I believe the Lord’s not going to send this material just to sit. There’s a harvest there to be reaped and we need to pray for that harvest, that the Spirit would use the Word. It doesn’t do us any good to print them, and send them, and then just have them sit there. We need the Spirit’s power to use the Word because the whole point is reaping the harvest for the Kingdom.”

While this shipment will help change lives, it’s the first step in establishing a long-term presence in Kazakhstan.

Translation Projects

WMP’s contact in Kazakhstan wants to help translate some of their booklets into the Kazak language.

In other Muslim-majority areas, including Northern Nigeria, WMP wants to develop their booklets into main local languages as well.

“Northern Nigeria, where it’s a Muslim-dominated territory, it’s an open doors that they didn’t have before, and so, they need more languages for that and more booklets,” Williams says.

(Photo by Alexander Serzhantov on Unsplash)

“We do have one booklet that was written with a Muslim in mind. The way it’s laid out is to introduce Jesus Christ as the Son of God, as the One True God, to the Muslim mind, and that’s our booklet How to Know God. It’s very effective.”

WMP is planning on sending Arabic booklets into Senegal, Mali, and Niger.

With all these planned shipments, WMP needs your support. Pray for the shipments, for the Lord’s wisdom and guidance, and for safety.

Also, help finance the shipments. One scripture booklet that can help change lives costs just five cents. Help support the shipments here.

Your support, both financially and in prayer, are helping to share the message of Truth amongst lost people who are ready to know Jesus.



Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press via Facebook

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