Oral learning key to multiplication

By November 18, 2011

International (MNN) — Thousands are turning to Christ every day around the world. It's happening in areas where there are few grounded Christians who can help them grow in their faith. While there are willing Christians, many simply don't have the training. While many read, that's not the best way they learn. The Mission Society is doing something about that through their Global Resource Team.

"Mary" travels in and out of creative access nations to help disciple and train Christians who are oral learners. She says the need for this type of ministry is huge. "It's like the Holy Spirit is running, not walking. In India, they're coming in the thousands. In China, we're hearing thousands and thousands are coming to Christ. In the Middle East, within Islam they're coming to Christ. They're being drawn by signs and wonders. They're coming by His Word."

While this is good news for church growth, "Mary" says it's also a challenge. "Once they come to know to Lord and meet Him personally, then there's no one to disciple them. And this is where it's breaking down in so many countries."

That's when these new believers either fall away from the faith or begin to moving into some very strange ways of worshiping, says "Mary."

"Mary's" job is to go in and out of countries to train faithful reliable people to use God's Word and to disciple those in their small communities of faith who learn orally. "They may be functionally illiterate, or they may just have a tradition of passing down important information orally rather than writing or reading."

However, she's not focusing on pastors and evangelists, but on everyday people. And it is successful. With "this method of using God's story and doing it orally–going through it six times and doing it inductively, they can turn about the next day and tell someone else."

Because of this oral discipleship, you don't have to wait for a Bible to be translated into a person's heart language to begin evangelism. "It spreads like wildfire," says "Mary."

It's also covert for people in countries antagonistic to Christianity. "There's nothing that any official can confiscate. I don't even have to take my Bible. There's nothing to incriminate them; there's no evidence. The Word passes from my heart to their heart, and they have it."

If you'd like more information about The Mission Society and their oral learning discipleship program, click here.


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