Orality speaks to the unreached

By October 3, 2012

USA (MNN) — According to Living Water International, an evangelism technique called "orality" is taking global missions by storm, using storytelling, drama, songs and proverbs to spread the Good News. LWI's Jerry Wiles said sharing the Gospel in this way resonates with millions.

"More than 70% of the world's population would be considered oral learners," Wiles shared, "so this emerging movement really is having great impact."

Most Christian workers use traditional, literate communication styles to present the Gospel, even though an estimated 4 billion people are oral learners. What exactly is an "oral learner?" The International Orality Network defines oral learners as people who can't, don',t or won't read, or who prefer to learn and communicate by means other than print-based media or written instruction.

Churches planted among oral cultures are booming, Wiles pointed out.

"Where is the church growing the fastest?" Wiles asked. "It's not in the United States and it's not in Europe; it's in the global south, and it's in oral culture."

LWI has taught the effective evangelism technique to missionaries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This month, they're bringing their Orality Training Workshop to the U.S.

"We call it an easy on-ramp to the orality movement," stated Wiles.

The one-day Orality Training Workshop invites participants to experience Bible storying as both a listener and a storyteller. They'll learn the principles behind making disciples of oral learners. Topics include why and how oral strategies work, keys to effective disciple-making, and the value of using stories and questions.

Wiles said the scope of this training isn't just for global missions; it can be applied to local evangelism as well.

"Once [participants] get into it, they see that it's universal in its application," he explained.

Workshops will be held in Texas and Indiana, and you can click here to see details and register. Pray that more nations would hear the Gospel.

"It's not just about methods and techniques of communication and learning but the Spirit of God touching people's hearts."

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