Orphan ministry celebrates full circle

By April 16, 2008

Uganda (MNN) — Why would someone
leave a job as consultant with the United Nations to become a Director for Every
Child Ministries?

Lorella Rouster says it's a case
of ministry come full circle for Uganda director David Lubaale. His experience
as an orphan motivates him to work tirelessly on behalf of other orphans.
"David's case shows that orphans can have great potential, not only to do
well personally, but also to contribute very positively to society and to
contribute to the kingdom of God." 

He believes Christian organizations can accomplish the most for African
children because only Jesus can offer hope for true and lasting change. 

Moving toward this goal, Lubaale earns his masters' degree this
month in conflict resolution.  He also
established the Future Victory School which takes in orphans and offers
education for the community. 

Because his heart was moved to love the outcast, marginalized and
downtrodden children, he adopted nine orphans and raised many of them to young
adulthood–accomplishing all of this as a single parent.

purpose is single-minded: to teach orphans the dynamics of God's love for them and the real purpose behind their lives.

Rouster says his story can
inspire others toward kingdom building. "I hope that his example gives
hope to people that it's really worthwhile to invest in orphans and in children
that might not look like they have a lot of potential now. But if we can just
see them through Jesus' eyes, we can realize that they have immense

Lubaale is raising missionary support for his continued ministry in both Uganda and Southern Sudan. Click here if you can help. 

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