Orphan Outreach in Guatemala 2016

By December 30, 2015
(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach)

(Photo courtesy Orphan Outreach)

International (MNN/Orphan Outreach) — Recently, Women for Orphans Worldwide (WOW), a program of Orphan Outreach, held its 7th annual luncheon.

But the big news came when members looked toward goals for 2016. In the new year, WOW will be supporting not only its usual programs, but a new one as well: the Ravine families of Chimaltenango.

The Ravine/Dump Community Outreach serves the children and families who work at the dump (located in a Ravine) in the city of Chimaltenango. These families work 12-14 hour days hoping to collect enough garbage to earn roughly $3-$4USD a day. In 2012, Orphan Outreach visited the dump and was profoundly moved by the families that work there; Orphan Outreach committed to help this community.

Orphan Outreach is providing a social worker to help the families and provide follow-up support for the children and families. Orphan Outreach teams have provided clothing, sports equipment, new HELPs stoves, and other needs of the children and families.

Please pray for the organization, these families, and the work of the Gospel as WOW works in Guatemala this new year.

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