Orphan population will explode following Haiti’s quake

By January 21, 2010

USA (MNN) — A 6.1 aftershock shook the country of Haiti again yesterday. Many aid agencies are unsure if the quake caused additional damage.

It's been more than a week since the quake demolished buildings, left two-million homeless and killed an estimated 200,000 people. The deaths of those people will create another disaster — an increase in the orphan population, says Al Lackey, President of Kids Alive International.

"As the dust settles, there are always thousands of orphans that nobody has made plans for. They get lost in the shuffle," Lackey says.

He's concerned that not many are talking about them. "Why should we allow all this attention and effort to be invested in this country and then when everybody leaves there are thousands of orphans that no one has concerned the long term care that they will need."

Kids Alive cares for the whole child by providing for the full range of spiritual, educational, social, physical, and emotional needs, believing children should have the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential. Currently in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Kids Alive supports over 1,000 kids in children's homes. They will be expanding that by 300 immediately.

Kids Alive children are excited that they can introduce these earthquake victims to Christ, just as they received Christ's love when they entered the homes.

But Lackey knows that's not enough, so Kids Alive is making a commitment. "We want to become the voice of these kids," Lackey adds. "Right now, we know there were at least 400,000 orphans prior to the earthquake. We know there will be thousands more. But my passion and desire is to see every child that has been orphaned by way of this earthquake put into a family that will make him or her secure, loved and prepared for a future to make a significant difference as young adults in Haiti."

While it seems like a huge task for one organization, Kids Alive is relying on God and His divine work. "We have networks we have built over the years. We have staff. We know how to raise children in homes. We can train people. We have the ability to network to make it possible."

As Kids Alive cares for children, they will hear the Gospel of Christ. Many of them will come to Christ and be committed Christians.

But the cost will be great, and Kids Alive needs financial support to make a difference in the lives to each child and each community in Haiti. You can help by sponsoring a child for $30, or by donating to the Kids Alive Haiti Earthquake relief fund. Just click here to connect to their Web site.


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