Orphanage ministry expands in India

By March 20, 2008

India (MNN) — HIV/AIDS is behind
India's 35 million orphans. Without
someone standing in the gap between the streets and hope, a whole generation
will be lost. 

Orphan Outreach's Mike Douris
says that's why they're partnering with the Elwin Parekh Home for girls in Anand,
Gujarat. "They're currently renting
a facility to care for the girls. They're really in a space crunch for the
number of girls that they have." Eighteen
girls live in the current space, and there are more needs than places to put

However, a generous donation is
enabling them to help where it's most needed in the first year. "What
we're hoping to be able to do is to expand the physical facilities that the
girls are in, but then also add the educational piece to it: to train the girls so that they
can live independently after they leave." 

After the seed money is gone,
they'll be relying on donors to sustain the ministry growth.  Douris is hoping to get churches involved in
the process. He's encouraging them to
adopt a home, get to know the girls, and ultimately invest in the process of
mentoring the girls.

The children can break the cycle
of abuse and poverty with the hope of Christ. Douris says that's a key part of
their work. "All of the staff are
Christians. The girls are very active in the local church there. The idea is to
be able to reach out to the kids who are orphaned in the community and have an
impact in their lives for Christ."

journey to hope comes through more than changed living conditions. It's a combination of the sense of place and
personal the interaction with love that opens the heart to the Gospel of

that God would give the team spiritual and physical strength to do their job
with excellence. Pray also for wisdom for Orphan Outreach to know how they can serve the Lord
throughout the world. Click here if you can help.


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