Orphanages receive Christ’s Love

By April 13, 2007

International (MNN) — Slavic Gospel Association has been receiving letters of thanks from orphanage workers across the Commonwealth of Independent States.

SGA sponsors an orphanage outreach in Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine called "Orphans Reborn." The program allows Church members and missionaries to enter state-run orphanages to share the Gospel with the children. Because they have visit regularly, they are able to nurture the children and share the love and hope of Christ. Most importantly, they can disciple those who choose to follow Christ.

Workers also offer Bibles and emergency food and clothing. This is especially helpful since orphanages have great need. Not only are they affecting the children, but orphanage staff and the local community are noticing their work. 

A few years ago, ministry like this would not have been possible because children were required to learn a state-mandated curriculum that taught that there is no God. In many other countries, this type of ministry would still be prohibited.

SGA hopes to grow this ministry. It costs only $30 for one child to be reached by "Orphans Reborn" for an entire year. These donations supply the child with a Bible, study materials, prizes for work in the program, and occasional humanitarian aide when possible. Church workers will also receive transportation, necessary supplies, and training.

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Praise God that this ministry is being welcomed and pray that it will continue to grow.

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