Orphaned child needs prayer, support

By August 15, 2012

Guatemala (MNN) — Providing hope to the hopeless and love for the unloved is a defining part of a ministry in Guatemala. Paradise Bound Ministries hosts work teams to build homes and provide medical care. They also provide orphan care through their Open Doors Orphanage, and that's only a few months old. Today, the founder of Paradise Bound Ministries Dan Smith is asking you to pray for a special little boy in their care and to celebrate summer ministry successes.

Smith says Josue Daniel was the first child Open Doors had the privilege of naming. "His mother, who birthed him in a private hospital in Guatemala, gave orders to the doctor that she did not want to see him because if she did, she would kill him."

Open Doors was then awarded custody of Josue just a few months ago. However, this little guy needs your prayers, says Smith. "He's been in and out of the hospital, and we just can't get to a point where we can get a diagnosis. We just can't seem to figure out what it is that's going on in his little body."

Last week, Josue came down with a high fever. Smith says, "They're going to transfer him to another hospital to try to focus in a little bit more on his kidneys. They're starting to feel that that may be some of what we're dealing with."

Our Lord Jesus Christ already saved this beautiful child at birth, may HE do so again this day through your prayers and HIS incredible Love and plan for Josue. Humanly speaking, there is nothing more we can do, yet spiritually we can enter this battle with Josue.

Smith says they have six babies in the orphanage that opened at the end of last year. He says, "We still don't have sponsors for all of them. So we're working through on those various levels and hoping to be able to increase those numbers."

Orphan ministry is one facet of their work. Paradise Bound also hosts short-term mission teams. This summer their mobile medical teams had incredible impact. Smith says, "Part of the mobile medical clinic is to draw people out of the mountains to a central village to show the 'JESUS' Film as well as present the Gospel in various ways and an invitation to accept to Christ."

How well does it work? Smith says, "We've seen well over 1,000 people who have come to know Jesus Christ just this summer alone. It's just been an incredible harvest. Obviously it could not be done without Christ being the center of everything that we do. The teams also built houses. We built 35 houses."

Paradise Bound needs you to help sponsor a child in their orphanage at $32 a month, click to sponsor a child. If you can't sponsor a child, consider a one-time gift to help Josue's medical expenses, click here. If you're more of a hands-on person, Paradise Bound is already gearing up for trips next year. Click here for additional information.

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