Orphans across the land of Russia are helped through SGA

By November 22, 2007

CIS (MNN) — SGA's sponsored "Orphans Reborn" ministry continues to grow across the land of Russia. 

There are so many dysfunctional families falling prey to drug and alcohol abuse that the number of children without loving parents never stops growing. The Slavic Gospel Association says orphanages have some of the greatest needs. SGA's "Orphans Reborn" program tries to address some of those needs.

The "Orphans Reborn" program is designed to disciple young children for Christ. Each child receives a children's Bible, study material, prizes  for program progress, as well as supplemental humanitarian aid when possible. The churches involved receive teaching aids and supplies to help them in their discipleship of the child and leadership training, as well as transportation to and from the orphanages. 

Slavic Gospel Association serves Bible-preaching churches in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, helping native Pastors and churches reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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