Orphans and Gypsies find hope in the love of Christ

By May 14, 2013

Romania (MNN) — A couple in Romania is caring for 10 orphans as if they were family. But they're struggling to keep a roof over their heads, says Marshall Grover with Vision Beyond Borders (VBB).

"Originally, they had a one-year lease on the property," he explains. "And then, it was shortened to six months. Recently, it has been shortened to one month."

Grover says John and his wife–the couple who cares for these orphans–desperately need your prayers.

"He's very concerned about how he can maintain housing for these orphans," states Grover. "He doesn't have a long-range provision plan for these kids and the home."

On a recent trip to southern Romania, Grover and a few other believers shared the hope of Christ with this family. They were able to give the family a lot of shoes and clothing, along with many garden seeds.

VBB is looking into more ways they can come alongside this family. Pray that the Lord will provide a way for this family to stay together.

Grover and his teammates also shared the Gospel with a couple of Roma Gypsy communities. With a history of discrimination in Europe dating back to the 1700s, the Roma Gypsies have long lived as an unwanted people.

During World War II, the Roma were targeted by Nazis for extermination; up to 500,000 Roma are thought to have been murdered at Nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. Today, hundreds of thousands of Roma are forced to live in ghettoes and slums.

Christ's unbiased love is a powerfully appealing message to the Roma. However, leaving the life of an outcast is an intimidating feat.

"They have been labeled as a pack of thieves and liars, immoral people and such. For them to step out from what they have been previously labeled is pretty hard," Grover explains.

But some are making the change. In one Roma community, several of the Roma were interested in hearing more about Christianity, and one man rededicated his life to the Lord. In another village, a former alcoholic in his mid-60s became a new believer and was baptized during the team's visit.

"This is a big step for him because of so many years in alcoholism," says Grover. "He has a terrific battle ahead of him, but nevertheless, God is able to deliver him from that.

"Pray for him in the respect that he will put his dependency on God instead of alcohol."

VBB will be taking another group to Romania in the fall. Click here to see a list of upcoming trips.

"Pray for trust in Christ as Savior among the ones that have been exposed to the Gospel."

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