Orphans in China find hope, new future

By May 13, 2015
Chinese Agape Foundation_orphans in China

(Photo courtesy Chinese Agape Foundation)

China (MNN) — International adoption isn’t the only way to help orphans in China. Just ask the supporters of Family Christian Stores or the Chinese Agape Foundation!

When the Family Christian-Agape partnership began a few years ago, a couple of opportunities were clearly evident.

The first opportunity: “to help them with additional orphanages. They call them Care Centers. There are 700,000 orphans in China,” explains Family Christian’s Steve Biondo.

“The second opportunity we saw [was] a hospital that was 70% complete, but there was no income to see that the hospital was completed and then made operational.”

Taking action

Agape provides for the spiritual and physical needs of orphans at their Care Centers, instead of placing them in foster care or adoption, Biondo explains.

The Chinese Agape Foundation operates in five different locations within China. (Map, caption courtesy Chinese Agape Foundation)

The Chinese Agape Foundation operates in five different locations within China.
(Map, caption courtesy Chinese Agape Foundation)

“All the effort goes to raising the kids in the country,” he states.

Agape operates five Care Centers and cares collectively for about 500 orphans in China. Abandoned and/or orphaned children receive shelter, food, clothing, medical care, education, and Christ at the Agape homes.

In 2013, Family Christian and its supporters raised $50,000 USD to help Agape build another Care Center. The following year, Family Christian helped Agape get a hospital up and running that would specifically care for orphans in China.

According to Biondo, they’re not done yet.

Moving forward

As orphans graduate from school and the Agape Care Centers and enter the Chinese workforce, they take the Gospel with them.

(Photo courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

“These kids, who have this real faith, share it one-on-one; it’s true discipleship,” says Biondo.

Ten Agape orphans graduated last year and are new employees in every imaginable career field, from law to chemical engineering to music. Pray that they will be bold witnesses for Christ and use every opportunity to share the Gospel.

Tomorrow, we’ll take a closer look at the Chinese Agape Foundation and explore ways you can get involved.

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