Orphans more than remembered Sunday

By November 5, 2010

International (MNN) — There are 133 million orphaned children around the world. 133 million children who be forgotten and have no love, security, or much of a future. However, that will change this Sunday, on Orphan Sunday.

Jerry Haag, President of Orphan's Heart, a ministry of Florida Baptist Children's Homes, says his heart breaks. He says it's not just a problem somewhere else. "Right here in the state of Florida, there are 40,000 homeless children in this state."

This Sunday, November 7, churches around the world will be talking about the needs of orphaned children. "They're looking for a family that will adopt them, and looking for the body of Christ to be the presence of Jesus to them in a very physical way."

November 7th is the culmination of Orphan's Hope's "40 Days for the Fatherless," a campaign to encourage more people to consider ways that they can minister to orphaned and disadvantaged children, either in their own community or overseas on an international mission trip.

Haag says, "If we really acted like the body of Christ, if we would give like the body of Christ, and if we would love like the body of Christ, we could literally change the life of every orphaned child in the world. I believe we have the resources within the body of Christ to do that."

Orphan Sunday is more than just helping Christians KNOW about the orphan problem globally. Haag says people can pray, start an orphan ministry in your church, adopt a child, or support someone who wants to adopt.

Haag says, "I think about these children who are coming from other countries that people are opening their homes to. We're not only changing their lives, but most importantly, introducing them to our Savior Jesus Christ."

Orphan's Hope has a way for you get intimately involved. Haag says you can go to OrphansHeart.org and sign their Prayer Proclamation. "Say your church is going to pray for orphans–your Sunday school class, small groups: when you do that, we're going to give away one international child care mission trip to a third world country. The reason that's important is one – we pray, and two – we take that next step and take action."

You can download material for Orphan Sunday at your church at OrphansHeart.org

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