Orphans Reborn spreads Christ in a new way

By April 1, 2009

Europe (MNN) — Thanks to faithful volunteers, the love of Christ is being poured into 13,000 orphans in 150 orphanages throughout Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Armenia. But what happens when these children leave the orphanage?

When orphans "graduate" from their orphanages, they often have few life skills to apply themselves in the work force. They have been given food their whole lives and have not been taught to cook. They don't know how to balance a check book, and few are left with any other learned trade. Often times this leads to a perpetuation of the cycle, driving many of the young women into prostitution and many men into other illegal dealings, typically resulting in the birth of more orphaned children. The only way to really put an end to this cycle is through the hope of the Gospel.

Orphans Reborn, a program created by Slavic Gospel Association, is filled with volunteers who are concerned about the spiritual wellbeing of orphans and orphan graduates. Many who are involved with Orphans Reborn are hosting small Bible studies, in which the Bible is taught alongside important life skills for orphan graduates.

"For many of these Orphan Reborn workers, they're in terrible and tragic environments," says Slavic Gospel's Eric Mock. "Yet they continue to labor because if there's just that one kid they reach, then they are satisfied that God has used them in an amazing way."

The workers have reaped far more of a harvest than even they may know. Recently, believing orphan graduates have begun to minister to younger orphans, a result of the ministry of Orphans Reborn.

"Not only are they the most perfect example to kids who have lost everything as they can really speak with authority about the lives they have lived, but now they can talk about the transforming work of God in their life and the fact that they have found a Father who will never leave them or forsake them."

Although it is too early to determine just how many lives have been affected by their ministry, it seems certain that outreach on such a relational level will leave deep impressions on the lives of many.

In the meantime, your help is needed to support and continue to develop Orphans Reborn. You can sponsor an orphan through the program for as little as $50 a month, taking care of expenses for clothes, rides to church and other necessities.

Volunteers are also needed to go to Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan or Armenia to minister at Slavic Gospel orphanages within the Orphans Reborn program. Pray that the Lord would raise up volunteers to help.

To learn more about how to sponsor an orphan or work with them firsthand, click here.

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