Orphans Reborn supports kids near Chernobyl

By July 12, 2019

Ukraine (MNN) – Did you know thousands of kids live as orphans in Ukraine? In Eastern Ukraine is a transition-home orphanage, a place for kids removed from their parents. These children reside in the home for 90-100 days until placed in a long-term orphanage.

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

Slavic Gospel Association’s Vice President of Ministry Operations Eric Mock says this time of change is brutal for kids. Torn from their parents, these kids face an uncertain future.

“Add to it that, that orphanage is up in the region of Chernobyl. It’s like double and triple jeopardy,” Mock says.

For teenagers turning 18 and aging out of the orphanage system, many have no place to live, no clothes, and little to no work or skills to help. This makes these young adults vulnerable to drugs, crime, poverty, and prostitution—the same things that first caused their placement in the orphanage system. Perceiving little to no hope for the future, some evenchoose suicide.

Orphans Reborn in Action

In Kyiv, God has raised up one of many churches to reach out to these kids, offer them physical aid, and encourage them in Christ’s love. SGA supports this church through its Orphans Reborn ministry.

(Photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association)

In ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of these kids, the church members tangibly share who Christ is without even speaking, making their words that much more impactful.

Their presence also shows these kids they are not alone, and the local church deeply cares for and loves them.

“Whether it’s compassion ministry or ministry to the kids, [these churches] need your prayers. They need prayers for open hearts. They need prayers for God to continue to encourage faithful servants that do this work,” Mock says.

“It’s a labor of love. A lot of these faithful pastors and pastors wives are, in my mind, heroes of the faith.”

Pray for these kids in and around the Chernobyl region. Pray for healthy reunited families where possible, and for healing in these kids’ hearts. Ask God to reveal His truth and love to the kids in Ukraine’s orphanages. Pray He equips the local church to carry on the work of showing up for these kids and ministering to their physical and spiritual needs.

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Header photo courtesy of Slavic Gospel Association.

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