Orphans seek to break the cycle

By April 21, 2010

Russia (MNN) — After a seven-year-old Russian boy was sent back to Moscow alone by his adoptive American mother, Russia halted adoptions to the U.S. last week, according to The Bulletin of Bend, Oregon.

Now, Russia threatens to "freeze" adoptions if the two countries cannot reach a policy agreement. Though talks were scheduled for yesterday, April 20, they were postponed by flight delays caused by the cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland.

Though the status of adoptions in Russia is uncertain, Eric Mock of Slavic Gospel Association said, "Regardless of this fallout, we can continue undeterred in our ministry."

How so? Their ministry, Orphans Reborn, is focusing on the high percentage of children who never have the chance to be adopted. Only 16 percent of orphans in Russia will ever be brought into a home, internationally or in Russia.

So, SGA reaches out to the other 84 percent: "We support the local churches. They're reaching the mass majority of the orphans by presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ, giving them hope that cannot be taken away from them," Mock said.

Started less than a decade ago, Orphans Reborn ministers to orphans every week, reaching out to each child on a person level and exemplifying how Christ sees them.

"These orphans become wonderful, passionate believers, raising families and not continuing the cycle," he said. SGA now sees college-age orphans, who were impacted by Orphans Reborn, ministering to younger orphans, and Mock said they are becoming faithful members of the Christian community and productive members of society.

To continue what they are doing and to impact even more of Russia's 700,000 orphans, SGA needs your prayers.

They can also use your financial support: "For $50 a year, we are able to provide assets to support these local teams," Mock said.

Visit sga.org to give these children the message of hope and love they would otherwise never hear.

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