Coptic Orthodox nuns attacked in Palestine

By July 11, 2017

Palestine (MNN/MEC) — Christians in Palestine are requesting prayer for a court hearing today on a violent attack against Coptic Orthodox nuns.

(Photo courtesy of Middle East Concern)

A press release by Middle East Concern states that nearly two decades ago, the Coptic Orthodox Church opened a room in its convent to a blind elderly woman. Her family exploited their generosity by breaking down walls to extend their living quarters.

One nun, Sister Maria, filed a complaint. In 2005, she was attacked by a family member who wanted her to drop the case. The case was dropped in 2015 due to a lack of evidence.

Following another attack in April of this year, Maria called the police. She and another nun, Sister Esther, drove to the police station accompanied by an officer to file a statement.

“These nuns were actually driving with a police officer in the nun’s car to a police station to record a complaint,” explains Miles Windsor with Middle East Concern, an organization dedicated to defending the religious freedom of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa. “Now, not aware of the fact that a police officer was present, the son…with some associates of his attacked this car with an iron bar and a car jack and threatened those inside.”

This kind of treatment of Christians hasn’t necessarily become a theme in Palestine, but violence usually only leads to more violence. Windsor asks that you pray the situation would be resolved and that the violence would cease.

“I think, in general, what we want to see discouraged is a sense that Christians can be attacked with a sense of impunity in the West Bank,” Windsor says. “I’m not sure that is a trend seen universally across the West Bank, but certainly we want to see justice done so there isn’t a sense that people can get away with this kind of thing against Christians on account that they are Christians, on account that the perpetrators are Muslims and possibly the authorities are Muslims.

“I’m not saying that is the case. We have yet to see the outcome of this particular trial hearing and we are hopeful that there will be justice in that case.”

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  • I hope and wish everyone respects the nuns and gave the privacy. We all have to love one another just like the Lord taught us. We all God children anywhere on this planet. No need to attack or hurt any of the nuns. In fact they should be protected by us. It is a shame to see and to hear this attacks.

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