“Our best way” to bring Christ to the fore

By July 2, 2024

Lebanon (MNN) — Chance are, your life has been deeply impacted by someone who served you or listened to you in a moment of need. These life-on-life moments carry lasting weight and are a key part of Heart for Lebanon’s ministry in the name of Jesus. 

As families in need receive consistent aid and compassionate friendship from their team, Camille Melki with Heart for Lebanon says, “Many of them choose to take this relationship of trust that has been built between Heart for Lebanon and them to the next level and start asking questions.” 

(Photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon)

These “why?” questions open the way for staff and volunteers to share the hope of Christ. They invite families to study the Bible with them. Melki calls these Bible studies “our best way to have this conversation taken out away from politics and religion into faith in Christ and Christ alone.” 

These studies, prayer groups and discipleship classes lead to deepened relationships and to greater understanding of God. 

“On any given week, we have more than 1,200 adults in these Bible study groups, and we have around 50 groups that meet in different places,” Melki says.

Melki says five church communities have sprung out of these Bible studies and discipleship classes, as people learn who God is and give their lives to him. It’s an exploding outreach, and you can play a part in it. In the next two years, Heart for Lebanon is looking to triple their team’s outreach capacity, which calls for greater logistical and financial resources. 

“Let’s also pray that God will keep giving us more and more leaders. The needs are huge. We are only touching the surface here. The people are thirsty and hungry for the truth.” 

Learn more and donate here about Heart for Lebanon’s goals to reach people for Christ. 


Header photo courtesy of Heart for Lebanon.

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