Ousted Honduran president stirs things up

By July 16, 2009

Honduras (MNN) — The deposed president of Honduras, Manuel
Zelaya, is calling for an "insurrection" so he can return to

Published news sources quote Zelaya as saying "when
faced with a usurping government and a coup-supporting military," insurrection
is a democratic right.

Tiffany Taylor with Orphan Outreach says the continued
instability has hurt their work. They are partnering with ministry programs in
Tegucigalpa, the slums of Nueva Suyapa and the city dump in Tegucigalpa.
However, she notes that, "We have canceled a trip that was supposed to be
leaving this Saturday because the word is on the ground that there continues to
be a lot of protesting. We've heard of possibilities of a countrywide

Zelaya has called for strikes, marches, takeovers, and civil disobedience in
his country. The talks to end the crisis caused by his ouster resume Saturday.
The slow progress of resolving the issue isn't doing much to help outreach

The unrest has exacted a high ministry price. Orphan Outreach had seven other teams planned this
summer with youth groups and church groups. All of them are on hold. "That's
what really concerns me," says Taylor. There
are dozens of other Christian agencies faced with making this same decision.  It amounts to lost opportunity. "When you think of the impact that each one of
those teams has to the kingdom of Christ in Honduras, it's just a huge loss for
them to lose these teams. The needs are overwhelming, and with an unstable
situation like this, it only increases the needs." 

For now, they watch and wait. "We're really praying
for peace in this situation, that there is some sort of peaceful resolution to
this issue."  

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