Outreach group moving forward with 2009 vision

By January 13, 2009

International (MNN) — As the
American economy seems to be headed for meltdown, non-profit organizations, charities and
faith-based groups have been forced to adapt quickly.

Across the board, donations are
down, while demands on services will go up in 2009.

Many organizations are cutting
back because the deep pockets may not have the funds to support their favorite
groups. Donations from individual donors
are unpredictable, and charitable
foundations are likely to reduce their grants.

The three factors make a deadly combination for ministry growth.

Admittedly, the financial downturn
is creating huge challenges for groups like Ron Hutchcraft Ministries. Despite
being frugal, they are cutting back. But they're doing it without cutting into
their evangelical mission.

Hutchcraft has no plans to "duck
and cover." Instead, their teams will
continue expanding in ministry to lost community leaders through the
"Peaceful Living in a Stressful World" breakfast outreaches.

Small group training will also
continue and expand, as will On Eagles' Wings programs. Hutchcraft is also moving ahead with a new
Internet outreach to young people, "The Doug and Jon Show."

Hutchcraft acknowleges that the
finances say, "Slow everything down." But this season of Gospel readiness
says, "Work while it is day." Their
teams are ready to "make the most of every opportunity" for spiritual rescue in these turbulent

Keep praying that God will provide
for the ministry and that hearts will be open to the Gospel.

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