Outreach in Sudan, as violence continues

By May 25, 2005

Sudan (MNN) — More than 180,000 are dead and the numbers continue climbing in Darfur, Sudan. The violence that has broken out between people of the majority religion in the Darfur area. Many people are without hope that the conflict will ever end.

That feeling is the reason Global Aid Network , or GAiN, USA is helping in Darfur. GAiN’s Project Manager says this conflict is unlike any other. “You don’t really know who the good guys are. And, you don’t see an end to it. There is a despair among the people about when will this ever end. There’s also fear.”

Militia groups continue attacking innocent civilians, targeting mostly men. More than 60-percent of the women in refugee camps are widows. He says civilians aren’t the only ones being targeted. “NGO’s, non-government organizations, going to certain cities have been attacked.”

With all the violence, humanitarian assistance is needed and GAiN, USA is helping, He says. “We’re providing seeds and tools to get these agrarian people farming again, because all of their seed stock has been destroyed. There is a strong (church) presence there and the fact that they just show up is huge. There are very few organizations (of other faiths) there.”

He says since the conflict’s between different groups in the majority religion, many are rethinking their faith. Recently Sudanese churches invited people to an evangelistic meeting. “200 showed up. 40-something not only (placed their truth in God), but showed up for follow-up discipleship training the next day. 23 of these people have done six month discipleship training and introduced another 20-something to (a personal relationship with God).”

All of this as a result of the churches’ outreaches. He says GAiN is renting land and has formed a farm co-op of sorts to help feed families in the region. Your gift of $35 dollars can help provide an acre for a family. It’s a gift toward ministry that could ultimately help people both physically and spiritually. Follow the link above to help GAiN with this project.

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