Outreach preps ministry launch on Facebook

By April 25, 2012

USA (MNN) — The storm of social media is now being
integrated by more and more ministries.

Facebook, in particular, is one of the most powerful ways to
extend the reach of a blog.

According to statistics from Facebook's own page, there are more than 500
million active users on Facebook, and at least half of these users "log on
to Facebook in any given day." Of
those who log in, it is roughly estimated that these people will spend an average
of 700 billion minutes a month on Facebook.

That's a lot of "face" time. It's also a good way to extend a message that might not otherwise reach a
certain audience.

Sammy Tippit Ministries is nearly ready to capitalize on that with the
launch of  a new Facebook page the first
week of May. They're calling it "Holystic,"
and no, that's not a typo.

The word holistic means the parts of something as intimately interconnected
and explicable only by reference to the whole. The word holy means set apart
for God. Therefore, the ministry team created a word that references the whole
of life and a holy life – thus holystic.

Tippit writes, "We'll have five bloggers: Dr. Walt Larimore will write
about renewing a person's health; Dave Tippit about our families; Steve Troxel
about the church; Arlie Francis renewal in the Word; and I will write about
renewal in a person's heart."

Together, they'll be able to capitalize on their strengths and reach more
people than they could separately.

Stay tuned for the first installments the first week of May.


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