Outreach team’s building blocks of ministry cultivate interest

By June 17, 2008

Ghana (MNN) — Oasis International's Ambrose Brennan says
news of the brick-making machine they're using to build a security wall around
the Prampram Health Clinic in Ghana is spreading. 

A partner developed a manual block-making press that makes
interlocking block, eliminating the need for mortar. The press doesn't
use electricity, a bonus in areas without generators and unreliable
service. The only ingredients needed are
sand, water, cement, and sun. 

Oasis grew interested in the press because of its involvement
with the upgrades and expansion of the Prampram Health Clinic. The
facility services roughly 10,000 residents. Set in a rural area, chickens and
goats frequent the space, so a wall needed to be built to improve cleanliness
and security.

Quick construction that doesn't require the use of
electricity means small buildings can be put together nearly ten times faster
than before. As a result, interest has
grown among other faith-based agencies who are working in the area. 

Brennan says they built a small storage shed on the ministry
grounds so these groups could see for themselves how the brick looks and how a
building is constructed.   

He adds, "We had a group from the Salvation Army. They're interested in building small houses
and headquarters for their pastors, many of whom do not have any housing at the
current time. When they saw the machine
and when they found out that from the floor level up it took us only two days
to construct this building, they were pretty excited about it." 

The capability to build without mortar often acts as the
foundation to evangelism, church growth and new ministry. "The people actually see they're getting
nothing out of this, and yet they're constructing a building for us. And that
just naturally opens them up to communication and opportunities to present the

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