Outsourcing to India presents outreach opportunities

By March 8, 2007

India (MNN) — Outsourcing telemarketing, technical support
and other call center activities from North America and Europe to India has
created an economic boon for the country. Gurgaon, a satellite city of New
Delhi, is just one area that's thriving. Buildings are going up quickly and
drawing many young employees. They've become the focus of outreach for Asian
Access trained pastors.

Speaking from India, Asian Access' David Dayalan, says it's
a 'call center culture.' "It been the past five years since we've had the
call center culture. In fact, those of us who are based in an urban setting,
all of us have been trying all ways (and) methods to reach them."

Materialism has invaded this culture, says Dayalan.
"People don't have much time. Spirituality has taken a back seat."

But, churches are making changes to reach out to Christians
and non-Christians. "Church congregation members are busy with their work.
They hardly have time to come to church. Churches are trying out various
things. I know of a pastor who even has a midnight worship service because
that's the only time they are free," says Dayalan.

Is this type of evangelism easy? Dayalan says, "This
whole thing is new and the young people are in awe of everything that's
happening around them and they're seeing a lot of new money. So, it's been

While the increase of persecution against Christians has
been widely reported, Dayalan says, "Generally in cities you don't face
much of a problem of these militant groups, but in the past they successfully
managed to bring about awareness that Christians are basically into converting.
So, the moment you start talking about Christ, there is a bias."

Dayalan says the new generation of Christians appear to be
more equipped to take the Gospel to the marketplace. He says younger leaders
network better than the previous generation. "Now I think people are
willing to bury their differences and come together for the extension of the
Kingdom. So, that's something new and it's happening all over India."

There is an open door. That's why Asian Access continues training select pastors. "We
look at the key pastors, somebody who's really showing potential, somebody
who's showing results. This program enhances them to go forward and accomplish
much more."

Asian Access works primarily in Northern India, with plans
to expand throughout the nation. Pray for funding to train more key young

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