Over 200 people missing after Himalayan glacier avalanche causes flooding

By February 11, 2021
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India (MNN) — On Sunday, a Himalayan glacier caused an avalanche in northern India with a deadly domino effect.

The massive glacier fell into a river, causing a flash flood that crashed through two dams in India’s Uttarakhand state. At least 32 people were killed. Another 200-plus are still missing and feared dead. Rescue efforts are ongoing.

Erik* with Mission India says, “It’s a very remote area in northern India. So rescuers had to be helicoptered in and a lot of heroic stuff taking place.… But obviously, as a whole, it’s extremely sad and unfortunate that this is taking place.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission India)

Mission India empowers the local Church in India to be the hands and feet of Christ through various ministry programs and occasional relief efforts.

“So the beauty of that is you can start to really engage those partners and encourage those partners,” Erik says. “They go out and pray and help physically if they need to, and also just to be comforters and listeners and really show the grace of Jesus as they interact with people who have lost loved ones or their loved ones are missing still.”

Thankfully, none of Mission India’s local partners have been impacted by the flooding.

Erik asks for the global Body of Christ to be “praying for those families that lost loved ones and those that are missing. Also, pray for our partners that will potentially engage in different means to support their communities that have been negatively impacted through this Himalayan glacier that fell into a river.”

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*Names changed for security purposes.

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