Over half of Sudan’s population needing aid

By May 25, 2023

Sudan (MNN) — In Sudan, 25 million people now need emergency aid, according to the United Nations. That’s over half of the Sudanese population.

Fighting yesterday in the capital Khartoum broke yet another truce agreement to let in humanitarian relief.

The violence between feuding military groups vying for power began in early May, disrupting national stability and operations. Many people have fled the country altogether.

Ed Weaver with Spoken Worldwide says, “We’re hearing from some of our partners and teammates in Egypt that live in Aswan just north of the border that are saying there’s at least one million refugees in Aswan.

“Aswan is overrun. They don’t have the capacity to handle that kind of an influx. And yet, it seems like everybody that is in Sudan that’s trying to avoid the conflict is escaping many times to the north attempting to get into Egypt.”

(Photo courtesy of Spoken Worldwide)

Spoken Worldwide works with Christians in Egypt to share the Gospel in oral formats. This is a crucial outreach tool for Sudanese refugees.

“A lot of these people in Sudan aren’t going to be able to read. This is going to make a transition into another country more difficult,” says Weaver. “We as an organization value reading, but we’re not going to make that a prerequisite for somebody to understand who God is.

“We can create ways for people to say, ‘I can learn new information. It doesn’t have to be written down as long as I can get information in audio form in a cultural style that I’m used to whether it’s stories, songs, dramas, or poetry. Those are things that I can relate to.'”

Ask God to bring good out of even this terrible violence. Pray for Gospel opportunities with Spoken Worldwide, and ultimately for Christ’s peace to reign over Sudan.








Header photo of Khartoum, Sudan. (Photo courtesy of Ahmed Rabea/Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/99216220@N08/9325962193/)

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