Overlooked village getting lights and water.

By June 27, 2013


South Asia (MNN) ― A village in South Asia really feels shoved into a corner.

It’s wedged on the border between two South Asian states. The government didn’t think the village was populated enough to deserve electrical power lines.

They also lack easy access to clean water. Villagers have to walk a mile round-trip to get water every day.

The villagers feel forgotten by society.

But Baptist Global Response (BGR) knows God doesn’t overlook them. Team members are planning on heading to this South Asian village with provisional equipment in tow.

It’s in BGR’s blueprints to install a tube well, solar-powered indoor lamps with mobile chargers, and solar-powered outdoor flashlights.

Without lighting at night, farmers need to turn in with the sun and hamper productivity for their livelihood. The solar-powered flashlights will be especially helpful for village farmers to work in the dark.

According to The Joshua Project, South Asia is in the heart of the 10/40 window with some of the most unreached people groups. South Asia is especially saturated with Hinduism, following the religion’s 300 million gods.

Hopefully this project provides conversations about the one true God of the Gospel. Pray for team members showing villagers that the Lord cares for them. Pray for villagers to open themselves to Christ’s love.

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