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Published on 02 September, 2010

Pakistan disaster overshadows floods in Gambia

Gambia (MNN) — Overshadowed by the millions affected by
flooding in Pakistan and the huge relief efforts taking place there, few people
know about the flood waters wreaking havoc in Gambia.

The Gambia River cuts through the middle of Gambia, a tiny
country on the western tip of Africa and the smallest country in mainland
Africa. Each year during rainy season, the river swells and often surges past it banks,
causing mudslides, flooding the country, and destroying bridges, homes and

Since early July, it has been much of the same for the
people of Gambia with over 5000 people affected in some way by disaster,
according to All Africa News. Though this number may seem minute compared to the
20 million affected by floods in Pakistan, it's a great blow for the country of
only 1.7 million.

But the plight of the Gambians has not gone undetected by
all. Global Aid Network has seen how much help the country needs and is
responding with food, medicine and seeds for the upcoming planting season.

And GAiN USA is giving more than just seeds to plant crops:
they're also hoping their action and the message of Christ they deliver will
plant seeds of hope and life.

Following months of crisis, concerns about water-borne
diseases flood in, as flood waters begin to recede.

GAiN USA is preparing to send shipping containers full of
relief aid. Each container holds more than 270,800 meals, as well as the
medicine and seeds GAiN has pledged. Now all they need is funds to cover
shipping costs.

Each $1 you give covers the cost of $27 worth of
aid. Click here to give a gift which will be multiplied by 27.

Pray for the Gambians as they struggle with flooding and
diseases. Also pray that God will lay the urgent needs of this country on the hearts of His people.

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