Pakistan floods to cost $35 billion

By October 10, 2022

Pakistan (MNN) — The floods in Pakistan will cost at least $35 billion. As the country tries to pick up the pieces, the prime minister says he shouldn’t have to beg wealthier nations to help.

Monsoons and catastrophic flooding have killed thousands and displaced 33 million, destroying huge amounts of infrastructure. Pakistani officials say the floodwaters might not completely subside for 3 to 6 months.

AMG kits

AMG International is providing emergency kits for people affected. Bill says, “These kits will include powdered milk, some medicine for fever and cough (because there are lots of illnesses going around now as a result of the standing water), some fresh water, and some tablets to help purify water. Depending on the area and depending on the needs there, we include a small pot to boil water in.”

“We include some small kitchen items to help them sustain themselves.”

AMG plans to distribute these kits through a network of local churches. They want to follow up with people they help with every two weeks to make sure they have what they need.

In the kits, AMG will include some Christian literature in Urdu. Bill says, “The Gospel is carried through relationship. These people are in desperate situations, so they’re in survival mode. We’re trying just to meet them exactly where they are. We want to be there. And we want to have developed that relationship through this time, so they can see that we care for them.”

Get involved

Bill asks readers to pray for AMG partners as they help their neighbors. “It’s very difficult for them to see their countrymen in great need. They desire to help, but helping can also be fatiguing and emotionally draining. So just pray for strength and the ability to sustain these efforts.”

Each kit costs $54. AMG wants to send them out to 100,000 families in Pakistan. You can help here.



Header photo courtesy of AMG International.