Pakistan will need billions to recover from monsoon flooding

By August 10, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — The United Nations says the number of
people affected by flooding in northwestern Pakistan exceeds those of the 2004 tsunami and the quakes of 2005 in Kashmir and 2010 in Haiti. 

Nearly 14 million people have been affected in one way or
another. Many of these people will need
some form of assistance to recover, including both short-term and longer-term aid.

Bad weather has hampered helicopter rescue efforts.
Rising floodwaters further south have added to the country's distress, and
monsoon season is only half over.

For those who escaped the flash floods and mudslides, their next enemy may be hunger. Waterborne disease
outbreaks are already a reality for the survivors of the earlier flooding.

The crisis has overwhelmed the government, and they've
called for any help they can get. Millions are pouring in, as are emergency supplies. Non-Government Organizations are mobilizing
teams and responding as quickly as possible.

Global Aid Network is assessing their response. They already
have a network in place following the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. 

At that time, they sent an emergency relief team to Pakistan
to assist in providing relief from the aftermath. The team demonstrated the
love of Christ by conducting medical clinics, setting up water filtration
systems, and distributing food and other aid. A similar response may be in the works;
however, it will be a long road to recovery. 

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