Pakistani Christian beaten and forced to flee

By December 1, 2009

Pakistan (MNN) — Earlier this month, 22-year-old Jehanzaib
Asher fled to avoid capture by Muslim extremists. Asher has been terrorized by radicals since
February, says Compass Direct News. As the extremists continue their hunt,
Asher was forced to flee in disguise and take refuge in another city.

While working in his family's barbershop, extremists tried
to convert Asher to Islam. Repeated conversion attempts occurred on previous
occasions. According to Compass, Asher's family was targeted for Islamic
"sermonizing" because of the Taliban's opposition to the shaving of

When Asher defended his faith with Scripture, the attacks
began. Extremists viciously attacked Asher, breaking some ribs and his left
leg. After the attack, militants spread word around the community that Asher
had blasphemed Islam; they continue to search relentlessly for him.

Asher's family closed the barbershop after this attack, and
family members are currently surviving on less than two meals per day.

Pray that Asher continues to stand firm in his faith. Ask
God to protect him and deliver him from danger.

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