Pakistani Christian couple acquitted after 7 years on death row

By June 15, 2021

Pakistan (MNN) — In 2014, Shafqat and Shagufta, a Christian Pakistani couple, were sentenced to death for alleged text messages blaspheming against the prophet Mohammed. Read more here.

After seven years on death row, they have now been acquitted due to a lack of evidence. The case against them was always flimsy, says Nehemiah of FMI. He knows the couple, and neither can read or write. Plus, the text messages were written in English, a language they do not know at all. Instead, a Muslim neighbor framed Shafqat and Shagufta. “And as in many other cases, this case was also [based] on some personal grudges. And they just made it look like they committed blasphemy.”

A higher court in Pakistan finally took notice of the plot against this couple. Unfortunately, much damage has already been done. The years in prison have taken a toll on the couple’s health, and they have lived separated from family.

How to pray

Nehemiah says, “I want to encourage people to pray for their support, safety, and security once they are released from the jail. And we need to pray and remember all the prisoners of faith in Pakistan. Pray that God would restore and fortify their spirits. And we also pray for their families, and families especially who have faced so many hardships.”

The couple is still in prison right now, waiting to be let out. Nehemiah says militant Islamic groups within Pakistan could organize protests over their release. Their suffering at the hands of Muslims in power won’t end with this decision. Ask God to give them unending grace and love.



(Header photo courtesy of Jody Davis from Pixabay)