Pakistani Christian nurses jailed for removing a sticker

By April 27, 2021

Pakistan (MNN) — Thrown in jail for removing a sticker? That’s the situation for two Christian nurses in Pakistan. This happened in Pakistan’s third largest city, Faisalabad.

Their supervisors told the nurses to remove stickers from a cabinet. Nehemiah from FMI says one of the stickers had a verse from the Quran. “She just removed the sticker. And these Quranic verses, Pakistanis don’t know how to read Arabic. So even when Pakistani Muslims recite Quran, they had no idea what they are reciting, because that is Arabic.”

The reaction

The next day, hospital staff found out about the sticker. One of the men flew into a rage, and tried to murder one of the nurses with a knife. Nehemiah says, “But miraculously, she was saved. And then people started beating them, torturing them. Police came, and they rescued these two Christian nurses. Later, on the pressure of media and public and hospital staff, police had to register blasphemy cases against them.” Nehemiah says the hospital supervisors organized the plot, knowing the nurses couldn’t read the sticker.

Pray for God’s Spirit to transform a vengeful and intolerant Pakistani society. Nehemiah says, “Pray for these two Christian nurses, our sisters. Please pray for them, for strength. We pray for their families. And I pray that God provides advocacy for these two sisters so they can come out.”



Header photo courtesy of Kevin Amrulloh from Pixabay. 

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