Pakistani Christians stand up to injustice, evicted as a result

By July 1, 2010

Pakistan (MNN) — Today, 250 Christian families are being
evicted from their homes in the Khanewal District of Pakistan by their Muslim
landlords. The reason? They stood up against the landlords and their sons
raping their wives and daughters.

Sadly, when these Christian families spoke up, they went
against the norm for treatment of women in Pakistan. Greg Musselman of Voice of
the Martyrs, Canada
said of women there: "They have virtually no rights,
and so these abuses go on all the time; to try to get justice is very

Musselman shared an example. "In one case, I
remember a young lady we had met who was sexually assaulted by the owner
of the home [she worked in]. Before she could get to the police station, …
the family that she was working for went to the police station and had her
charged with theft. She was arrested and was raped again by this same young
man–and also a prison guard."

The protests by Christians have created a stir, and now they
are losing their homes because of it. Musselman said Muslims are using this to
intimidate Christians and to prevent them from speaking out again.

Without their homes, believers have little or no options.
"A lot of them are left homeless. They do go with families, and Christians in
other areas and churches will try to help them. But the Christian population is
pretty small in Pakistan, so it's very, very difficult for them,"
Musselman said.

While the Gospel is spreading throughout Pakistan, it is
slowed by reluctant and fearful hearers who know how they will be treated if they become a Christian: "There's an intimidation against the church, and
people there would think twice before they would maybe consider being a
Christian, because they would know what would lie ahead," Musselman said.

Pakistani believers and non-believers alike need your
diligent prayers. Musselman said, "We need to be asking the Lord that
justice would prevail in Pakistan. We know through church history that it
not always happening, but we need to continue to appeal to the Lord for

In addition to prayer, "We also can be making our voice
heard to our embassies in Canada and the United States … to let them know that
we are concerned," Musselman said.

You can find contact information for the U.S. Embassy or the
Canadian Embassy in Pakistan on either of their Web sites.

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