Pakistani missionary’s arms broken for distributing Bibles

By May 12, 2023

*This article contains mildly graphic injury images.

Pakistan (MNN) — The big headline today in Pakistan is the release of Imran Khan after the Supreme Court ruled the former Prime Minister was unlawfully arrested. Khan’s supporters have been clashing with military and police for days. That’s why other stories like this one about a missionary partner get buried. But it’s just as important.

Mission Cry works with four missionaries in Pakistan distributing Bibles and Christian books. Mission Cry’s President Jason Woolford says recently, one of their missionaries was brutally attacked.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

“He was coming out of a prayer meeting and was going to take a motorcycle cab ride. He began to minister to the fellow Pakistani and said, ‘We distribute Bibles and I want to give you a Bible. I’m a Christian, and Jesus Christ is the only way to our Father in Heaven.’ [The driver] seemed to be receptive of that.

“Then [the driver] drove him out off the path and severely broke both of his arms, his wrists, and his hands, and told our Mission Cry missionary that ‘you’ll never distribute Bibles again.'”

To add insult to injury, the male attacker then tried to accuse the Christian missionary of rape.

“What we’re seeing in some of these areas in Islamic countries, they will accuse a Christian or a minister of raping a man, which is 40 years in prison,” says Woolford. “Ironically, if you rape a woman, it’s only 35 years [in prison] so that’s disturbing to me. But obviously, this was found not to be true. It was the accusation from obviously the man who beat him profusely.”

Mission Cry is covering the missionary’s medical care and he is recovering.

Woolford says, “What really stood out to me was that he had mentioned that as soon as he’s better, as soon as he can move his hands and his arms, that he’s going right back to distributing the Word of God because he knows it’s the only thing that doesn’t return void.”

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Please pray for our Christian brother’s spiritual encouragement. Pray also for the attacker to have a profound encounter with Jesus Christ and have his heart changed by the Gospel.

Woolford asks, “Pray for our headquarters and our team here because we’re taking ground back from Satan in some of the most corrupt places on the planet.”

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