Pakistani Muslim couple spiritually changed through street encounter

By December 2, 2020
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Pakistan (MNN) — A recent street encounter radically changed the lives of a truck driver and his wife in Pakistan. And now they are powerful witnesses for the Gospel.

FMI-supported Christian leaders recently distributed 500 Bibles to Muslims in Pakistan’s bazaars and streets. Nehemiah* with FMI says they gave one Bible to a Muslim truck driver and shared the Gospel with him. When he went on his way, they had no idea if they ever would see him again.

Later, the Christians got a phone call from this same truck driver. He wanted a relationship with Jesus.

“Not only the truck driver, but his wife, his whole family has converted to Christianity,” Nehemiah says.

(Representational photo courtesy of FMI)

Today, this Pakistani couple is on fire for God and eager to share His love with others. But telling their neighbors about Jesus can be complicated, especially for women.

“Muslim women are not allowed to go out independently in this area,” Nehemiah says. “So [the wife] came up with a plan. Why not start a sewing center in her own house?

“Neighborhood women come to her house and they can learn how to stitch Pakistani dresses. So while she is teaching them how to stitch Pakistani dresses, she is sharing the Word of God with them also. She has already distributed more than 50 Bibles in her neighborhood — knowing that it could be her last one.”

Distributing Bibles and sharing the Gospel with Muslims in Pakistan is dangerous.

Pakistan ranks fifth on the 2020 World Watch List for Christian persecution. The national blasphemy law means anything that can be construed as blasphemy of Islam is a capital crime.

Despite the risk, Nehemiah says there are still Pakistani Christians bold enough to share Jesus.

“There are many, many people who are thirsty [and] hungry for the Word of God because they have dealt with terrorism, they have dealt with killings and bombings,” Nehemiah says.

“We introduce who is the real Prince of Peace.”


(Photo courtesy of FMI)

FMI distributed over 10,000 Bibles in Pakistan this year. They are excited to see what 2021 has in store for a movement of the Holy Spirit in the Muslim world.

Please pray with FMI for more Muslims in Pakistan to find hope and joy in the Gospel. Pray for the truck driver and his wife to grow in their faith, and for God to move through the wife’s sewing ministry.

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Representational header photo courtesy of FMI.

*Name changed for security purposes.