Pakistan’s turmoil over Mumbai attacks opens doors for peace

By December 23, 2008

Pakistan (MNN) — Pakistan's turmoil continues as terrorists
continue to try to undermine the democracy movement. 

President Asif Zadari believes November's Mumbai attacks
were aimed at the peace process with India. India retaliated by accusing
Pakistan of trying to shift blame and demanded the central government do more
to dismantle militant networks.

As relations with India deteriorated further, Pakistan's air
force went into high alert. India's
Foreign Minister announced that the peace process between the two countries was
on hold.

However, World Bible Translation Center President Eric
Fellman says reconciliation efforts have opened the door to the message of
Jesus. "[Zadari] said in the current environment,
reconciliation is the best revenge against the dark forces of
terrorism. The only path to
reconciliation is through Jesus Christ, so our goal is to take this bit of an
opening in a Muslim country and get in as many copies of the Gospel as we

Further, Fellman says that Zadari, the widower of
assasinated Benazir Bhutto, had been involved in a reconciliation effort "in
the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth" four years ago. While "Christian" is an inflammatory term,
the team discovered that there is a great respect for Jesus and the path to

As tensions increase, though, there is an urgency in getting
the Gospels to the people who are so ready to hear them.

The Urdu translations of the Gospels are finished. Now, funding is needed, as well as prayer. "We
intend to accomplish at least 100,000 copies in the next year, in the
coming year, 2009. Exactly where they
can go in and how they can be distributed all has to be negotiated."

Click here if you can help support the effort to get the
Gospel into Pakistan.

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